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Due to the well going cooperation the organisation came to the conclusion to extend the fixed contracts with our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. During the upcoming period our main team will face different tests, such as the third division in the 99Liga and the ESEA EU CS:GO Germany Open. We will see, how the Austro-German team performs...continue

The Guardians of Technology will participate in the FoXRaiD Cup #4, which will last for over nearly three weeks. The participation in the tournament is a little tradition for our organisation since we won the first edition in summer 2015 big-time. But that is old hat! The tournament grew bigger, the starting field has changed and a different team plays under our flag, of course...continue

They were under our wings since the 21st October 2015. Now the Guardians of Technology Alpha made the decision to leave the organisation and to go seperate ways...continue

The Guardians of Technology will participate in the 99Liga after the successfull recent season. The Austro-German team's goal is set: promotion to division 2...continue

The Guardians of Technology played a very good ESEA season, they were one rank behind the playoff spots. Despite that success the team made the decision to change. Philipp 'L|ght' Ninchritz left the team due to a different playing philosophy...continue

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